TT Motor can Handmade Unleash action !

TT Motor AS

is a 100% Turkish Company which aims to bring foreign exchange and create employment in Turkey. 2500 m2 enclosed area in the press shop, body, assembly units and showroom in the heart of Istanbul, and continues to be the first with the production line. The Best Business Performance in Growing Markets in 2009 by taking from Custom Chrome Company has achieved a very good position in the sector. Tarhan Telli has received "Master" title from International Motorcycles Association in 2008..

The company has been in a position to export around the world and in particular, Europe. TT Motor A.Ş. is manufacturing the bonnet, chassis and body of all of its models within its structure. It has accelerated the motorcycle manufacturing with the establishment of assembly and manufacturing complex. It’s named as TT Motor A.Ş. after its breakthroughs in 2008.